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Introducing TelosDAC

Our goal is to ensure that the community has a supplementary stake in the network by means of an ownership in a block producer. We will achieve this by way of a DAC token issue.

Visit our airdrop page for details

Extend Knowledge

We aim to extend blockchain knowledge, technical know how and reach of the Telos Blockchain Network through knowledge transfer, training, education, capacity building and the development of enterprise ready dApps.

Developing World

We will also research the viability of developing a network of block producer nodes located in hard to reach areas of the world, and explore the possibility of making available IT infrastructure services in these regions. This will create resilience for the system whilst creating local employment as well as promoting diversity within the TELOS community.

dApps and Tools

We will strive to develop community and enterprise dApps on the TELOS blockchain. Our community dApps will be focused on solutions for the developing world targeting the creation of employment and income generation whilst furthering technical awareness in technology with a focus on blockchain.

Extend the Network

The enterprise dApps will be positioned to extend the reach of the network into B2B applications and services. This will immediately provide the blockchain with a larger user base and also influence it’s adoption.


We are jointly owned by the community and launch team through an airdrop going to the Telos community. It is our intention to use the Telos “Original” Snapshot. 

The overall number of tokens issued will depend on the final tally of TELOS issued at blockchain launch

Please note that our Decentralised Autonomous Corporation (DAC) has not yet been fully activated and is managed by the launch team. These arrangements will remain in place until such time as the DAC is:

  • Incorporated in a favourable jurisdiction
  • Viable and self sustaining

Until then, the launch team will continue to develop, invest in and manage all operations.  A roadmap will be published in Q1 of 2022

Visit our Airdrop Page

We will deploy enterprise grade infrastructure, utilising two main sites for our launch deployment with the primary nodes located in Amsterdam The Netherlands. The failover nodes will be located in Frankfurt, Singapore and Japan. 

The choice of locations is to promote diversity within the network. We will periodically monitor the location of Telos nodes and reposition as necessary in order to maintain the diversity and mitigate latency within the network. We will initially launch at Stage 4 with an infrastructure road-map as follows – achieve Stage 5 at 40 million blocks and Stage 6 at 60m blocks. This road map is subject to change based on the requirements of the Telos BP community, and dApp developers. We have made provisions for this by investing in scalable infrastructure.

More about our infrastructure

Following successful network launch our first task will be to prepare and execute the TelosDAC token airdrop to the Telos community. It is our intention to use as a basis the Telos “Original” Snapshot as proposed in TIP0009 (TIP – Telos Improvement Proposal)

We like this approach as it seeks to reward early supporters of Telos and EOS networks. We will extend this by ensuring that our snapshot includes only staked accounts. The airdrop ratio will be 1:1 to the Telos Blockchain Network community. 

Visit our Airdrop Page


We intend to research, develop and deploy turnkey block production appliances/nodes in areas currently not represented on the TELOS global map. Further to this, we intend to create opportunity for education, training and building a support network that cuts across industries and geographical regions.

Below outlines our proposed income distribution model

Operational Expenses
dApp and DAC activation
Reinvestment and Growth

Meet the Team

The TelosDAC team comprises of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds brought together by heritage and a common cause. Collectively we have vast experience working in blue chips across the world and have acquired experience in business and process management, entrepreneurship, social communication, commercial acumen and IT expertise. 

We intend to utilise this experience and networks built over time to extend blockchain awareness into our respective commercial worlds as well as incubate enterprise ready dApps.

Richard Bryan
Sach Gaya
Tiffany Kaimuri

Community Leader East Africa

Millie Githui

Operations Manager

Eliud Wandera

Enterprise Outreach East Africa

Lillian Wanji

Enterprise Outreach Europe

Val Gaya

Community Leader Europe

N Rotich

Enterprise outreach UK/Kenya

Joseph Kins

Techincal Research

Kiran Kottana

Community projects Australia